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November 2, 2008 - Nagoya




We are walking towards the entrance of the Tokugawa Art Museum and the Tokugawaen (Japanese Garden). This is a very large property, 23,000 square meters, which has a long history of ownership. In 1931 the property, buildings, and family treasures were donated to the City of Nagoya. The garden was opened in 1932, and the Foundation opened the Art Museum in 1935. The Garden was destroyed during World War II, but has been rebuilt. It is beautiful, and is an oasis in the midst of a large city.














In the evening, Hollis and I searched on different floors of a department store for a restaurant. We found ourselves in an area devoted to the Kimono. Hollis inquired about a particular small part of the kimono ensamble, and when the conversation ended, I found myself being taken to the fitting floor for a quick dressing in a beautiful, black kimono. This was the simplest placement of the kimono and obi, not the whole affair. I still have my street clothes on underneath. It is quite an elegant transformation for one who typically never wears dresses or skirts. The white spots on the shoulders and the middle of the back are for family emblems.

What fun!