Janel Jacobson
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Day lilly sketches

Janel Jacobson's carvings evolve from observing nature. She gathers specimens, makes sketches and notes details while drawing the little creatures, leaves and flowers to refer to during Winter months when trees are bare and creatures are hibernating, waiting for Spring to return.

The compositions are derived from both real and imagined situations. For instance, the tree frog and wild grapevine theme was inspired by a tree frog that resided in the mass of wild grapevines covering part of the kiln building, its "chirrup" awakening her imagination and compelling her to stand inside the tangle of vines and leaves. There she could relax, daydream and observe the way things were for the frog, and the grapevines. From this kind of experience she composes her images and the slow process of carving begins.

Day Lily