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  • The Carving Path Forum, The Carving Path Forum welcomes carvers from many disciplines, whose work involves small scale carving. We hope that this forum will provide a friendly, informative and accessible place for communication and learning.  Janel is owner/administrator of this forum.
  • International Netsuke Society Forums, International Netsuke Society Message Board, for collectors, carvers and anyone who is interested in learning about netsuke and the carving of them.

Netsuke Museum

  • Kyoto Seishu Netsuke Art Museum This is the only museum in Japan dedicated to netsuke. They are displayed in a late 18th century Samurai residence in downtown Kyoto. The museum contains 1,800 works from the collection of KINOSHITA Muneaki. Approximately 800 works are on display, four times a year, for two weeks to one month of time. In my opinion, this is the place to see netsuke if you are planning a trip to Japan. Please check the web site and plan your journey around these dates.

Netsuke: Other Topics

Carvers Helping Carvers

  • Chris Pye-Wood Carving, This web site makes available a great amount of information about carving, and carvers.

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