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November 5 - Kyoto

Kyoto morning


Sannenzaka area


This area of Kyoto is known for the many pottery shops



Kiomizu Sannenzaka Museum: owned by Mr. MASAYUKI Murata


After lunch in the Sannenzaka shop area, we walked up hill towards the Kiyomizu Temple. It is a hugely popular Buddhist temple complex. The original temple dates from the eighth century, and was named for a waterfall on the grounds. ("Kio-mizu" means pure water.)

One of many beautiful areas is the massive veranda of the main temple hall. Jim kelso and I were both there at different weeks of this month, and we each stood in nearly the same place when we took our pictures. My camera was aimed out towards the valley, and his was aimed more towards the temple, overlooking this very veranda. (My photo will appear on the next page.)

Jim and I each took a photo of this view below also, though I was up the street a couple of shops.


The first views of the temples










The city of Kyoto sits in a basin and has filled the valley between the mountains. Temples and shrines are built upon the mountain sides. This one offers spectacular views in all directions: the city, the temples, and the mountains.

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