Janel Jacobson
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Archive Of Carvings From 2013   •   No longer available for purchase
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Apple Blossom Necklace
#488 Apple Blossom
Tulip Pod/Peeper Pin
#489 Tulip Pod & Peeper Pin
Oval & Leaf Charm
#490 Oval and Leaf Charm
Pea Pod Pin
#491 Pea Pod Pin
#492 African Blackwood & Opal
Long Bean Spoon
#494 Long Bean Spoon
Perseverance Bears Fruit
#496 Perseverance Bears Fruit
Amber Dot & Blackwood NecklaceNecklace
#498-A Amber Dot Necklace

Black Raspberry Brooch
#501 Black Raspberry Brooch
Apple Leaf Earrings
#503 Apple Leaf Earrings
Letter Opener: Oysterwood