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Katydid Caress

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Katydid Caress

#259 - 1994


2.1 L. x 1.4 Dia. inches

Katydid Caress is a large, extensively carved porcelain bead.  It had been exhibited at The Hand & The Spirit gallery in Scottsdale, AZ many years ago and has remained in my possession since then.

Every part of the surface has been carved with a wild rose motif.  The season is late summer/early autumn when the rose hips are formed and the katydids are mature and beginning their autumn courtship.  Both male and female katydids were carved, with delicate legs and antenna, floating above the complex background of leaves. 

This is a beautifully successful piece, with negative and positive relief carving, and with areas that transition from one to another.  Above all of the vegetation, and positioned in it, are the most beautiful of insects, a pale, leaf-colored green that disappears in the broad leaf vegetation.

I have spent hours watching these beautiful creatures with wonder as they move about in their environment.




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